Nemassist Cutworm Caterpillar Treatment - 35 Million

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Cutworm are most destructive for small transplants and onions and carrots in vegetable gardens and grasses in turf situations. Cutworms are the caterpillar of a few different species of nocturnal moths. Some of the species fly in very early in the Spring and others arrive in the Autumn.

The moths lay eggs at the base of plants and the eggs hatch into tiny, dark grey, greasy caterpillars that feed during the night. Some species simply cut off your plants at around ground level. Hence the name ‘cutworm.’ Other species chew off leaves or eat notches out of the leaves. The caterpillars can be found in the soil by digging around.

They generally curl up into a "c" shape when you handle them.

The nematodes wait in hiding and are stimulated by movement of the prey to ambush the prey and they then enter the insect to reproduce and effect control.

The nematode is naturally occurring and mass reared.

For destructive cutworm/cut grub we recommend Steinernema carpocapsae as the preferred nematode.

These natural predators won’t harm people, pets, plants or beneficial insects.

Apply at a rate of 15 Million nematodes per 150 m2.

All cut grubs are best treated when the larvae are visible. Soil temperature needs to be above 12C at the time of application for the beneficial nematodes to be active.

Apply by watering can, pump sprayer or knap sack after removing any fine filters. (< 0.5 mm). They can also be applied with some brands of hose end sprayers.

Store unused product in a household refrigerator for up to 3-4 weeks after arrival.



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