Nemassist Fungus Gnat Treatment - 15 Million


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Fungus gnats (Sciarid Fly) are well recognised as a serious pest to professional plant propagators, hydroponic and greenhouse growers.

Use Nemassist® nematodes to control the larvae in cryptic habits. Beneficial nematodes follow the Carbon Dioxide gradient produced by the larvae and seek them out where chemicals are unable to make effective contact.

The nematode is naturally occurring and mass reared.

We recommend Steinernema feltiae as the most effective treatment available. Chemicals can stunt plant growth and harden plant tissue. Particularly the cells in growing tips.

These natural predators won’t harm people, pets, plants or beneficial insects.

Apply at a rate of 15 Million nematodes per 30 m2 as a curative or 15 Million nematodes per 60 m2 as a preventative.

Preventatively apply once a month. For smaller areas or if using for a heavy infestation, apply a third of the pack at a time, 7-10 days apart to ensure no product is wasted.

Soil temperature should be above 12C at the time of application for nematodes to be active.

Apply by watering can, pump sprayer or knap sack after removing any fine filters. (< 0.5 mm). They can also be applied with some brands of hose end sprayers .

Store unused product in a household refrigerator for up to 3-4 weeks after arrival.



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