Nemassist Mole Cricket Treatment - 35 Million

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Use Nemassist® nematodes for the treatment of Kanga mole cricket in lawns and garden beds. Not suitable for native species.

Mole crickets make small mounts in the turf and garden as they burrow underground. They live underground and come to the surface to collect foliage and vegetable matter.

The nematode is naturally occurring and mass reared.

For Kanga mole cricket we recommend Heterorhabditis zealandica.

These natural predators won’t harm people, pets, plants or beneficial insects.

Apply at a rate of 35 Million nematodes per 100 - 125 m2.

Treat when the pest is visible. Soil temperature needs to be above 15C at the time of application for the beneficial nematodes to be active. Treat preventatively spring to winter.

Apply by watering can, pump sprayer or knap sack after removing any fine filters. (< 0.5 mm). They can also be applied with some brands of hose end sprayers.

As the product is made up of living organisms. Store at room temperature. A laundry or shower recess is ideal. DO NOT refrigerate this nematode. Product should ideally be applied before 7 days.

Apply as soon as practical once you have received the product and order just prior to requiring the nematodes.



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