Nemassist Termite Treatment - 15 Million x 3

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Bio-control of house termites, "white ants" in termite gallery situations. Used only for the treatment of Coptotermes acinaciformis and Schedorhinotermes intermedius (the most common in house destruction).

This product should be used as part of an integrated approach for control and always under the supervision of an accredited and licensed pest control operator.

It is important to apply a physical or chemical barrier to prevent reinfestation, once the colony has been controlled. The nematodes are carried back to the Queen’s chamber and either totally kill or chase the colony away from the building.

The nematode is naturally occurring and mass reared.

We recommend Steinernema carpocapsae as the most effective nematode available.

These natural predators won’t harm people, pets, plants or beneficial insects.

The kit provides three applications of 15 million nematodes. This will allow three lots of 1L of inert gel crystals to apply to galleries, nests or bait boxes. More than enough for a single property. The gel keeps the nematodes moist in situ.

Apply every 10 days or as needed. Apply in a separate location if possible.

Soil temperature should be above 12C at the time of application for nematodes to be active.

Apply gel using a squeeze bottle or similar to the termite gallery. Try not to cover the path of the workers.

Store unused product in a household refrigerator for up to 3-4 weeks after arrival.



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